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    2013-2014 Donations

    $1000+ MVP

    • The Boyd Family/Tejas Family Guidance Center
    • The Byrd Family
    • Photographers of Westlake

    $500 GOAL

    • Adelante Boutique
    • Adrenaline
    • The Andreo Family
    • The Azar Family
    • The Bergeron Family
    • The Corbett Family
    • Eagle Strategies, LLC/New York Life
    • The Egan Family
    • The Furst Family
    • Griffin Financial Group
    • The Guarino Family
    • Hat Creek Burgers
    • The Kemper Family
    • The Okamoto Family
    • The Rockwell Family
    • The Young Brown Family

    $250 ASSIST

    • The Baker Family
    • The Blue Family
    • The Caswell Family
    • The Ford Family
    • The Gauthreaux Family
    • The Hamlin Family
    • The Mendrys Family
    • The Nathan Family
    • New York Life/ Jay Jackson
    • The Nolan Family
    • The Sallis Family
    • The Santos Family
    • Texas Honey Ham
    • The Woloszko Family

    $100 MAN-UP

    • The Beiter Family
    • The Burbach Family
    • The Clement Family
    • The Ellis Family
    • The Hardin Family
    • The Hauf Family
    • The Henley Family
    • The Lowder Family
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    • The Porter Family
    • The Stephens Family
    • The Thompson Family
    • The Wallace Family
    • The Whitaker Family

    Westlake High School Boys Lacrosse

      CASCADE "R" Retro Fit

      We finally have a solution to the Cascade "R" issue.  Helmets will be sent back to Cascade and a retrofit will be attached to the helmets that is already approved by NOCSAE.  A sticker will also be put on the helmet showing that it has the retrofit and is legal for play.

      We have Different instructions for High School and Youth so please read carefully below:

      High School:
      We will have a helmet collection at the High School on Saturday December 13th from 9-10AM at the picnic tables next to the practice fields.  We will then send them back to cascade as a group.

      Since your helmets were bought individually you will have to deal with it individually.  I recommend handling it yourself as the retailers will be swamped, especially dealing with High School and College team orders.

      Follow the instructions at: http://www.cascadelacrosse.com/

      It will give you a step by step instructions of what to do.  Very simple process.  

      Note: *Cascade is picking up the cost (shipping and retrofit) so make sure you are not paying any money.

                 *The entire process will mostly likely take 3-4 weeks so the sooner you start the better.

      If anyone has further questions please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thanks for your patience through this process.

      Chris Delfausse

      2015 Spring Youth Lacrosse Registration Open

      Registration for the Spring League for Westlake Boys Youth Lacrosse is open.  The teams cover 1st-8th grades.

      Registration is only open until December 31st . Last year all grade levels went to a “waitlist” well before the close of registration (some as early as November) and we had to ultimately reject players at many levels.   TEAMS WILL BE FILLED ON A FIRST COME BASIS.

      Season Length:
      The season approximately runs from Early February to Late April.  Some teams may finish later than  late April due to playoffs.

      For registration, please select:



      Thank you to all the players, coaches & parents who came out for the Mobile Loaves and Fishes Genesis Garden work day! It was a fun afternoon of community building, team bonding and lots of work was accomplished. Below is a photo of some of those who participated.

      All Team Community Service

      Our MVP Sponsors for 2015

      Sponsored by Photographers of Westlake

      Photographers of Westlake

      Visit Website
      Sponsored by Ron Byrd, M.D.

      Ron Byrd, M.D.

      Visit Website

      It is a privilege to care for you and your family and believe each patient deserves individualized care to maximize their health.

      Sponsored by Tejas Family Guidance Center

      Tejas Family Guidance Center

      Visit Website

      Tejas Family Guidance Center is a nonprofit mental health agency dedicated to providing quality mental health services. 

      Upcoming Westlake Lacrosse Events

      • Feb
      • 2
      High School Practice
      • 6:30pm- 8:30pm (CST) Ical_event_icon
      • WHS Practice Turf
      • Tag(s): Calendar 
      • Feb
      • 3
      High School Practice
      • 6:30pm- 8:30pm (CST) Ical_event_icon
      • WHS Practice Turf
      • Tag(s): Calendar 
      • Feb
      • 4
      McNeil at WHS D2 Varsity
      • 7:00pm (CST) Ical_event_icon
      • Chaps Stadium
      • Tag(s): Calendar 
      • Feb
      • 5
      High School Practice
      • 6:30pm- 8:30pm (CST) Ical_event_icon
      • WHS Practice Turf
      • Tag(s): Calendar 
      • Feb
      • 6
      High School Practice
      • 6:30pm- 8:30pm (CST) Ical_event_icon
      • WHS Practice Turf
      • Tag(s): Calendar